no device supported CUDA

Hi All,

I have a PC with NVidia GetForce 6150 card and also inserted NVidia GeForce 8800 GS card. No problems with CUDA at XP-32.

But when I installed Vista - 64, I have “There is no device supported CUDA” when starting deviceQuery.exe. Even emulation doesn’t work.

Tried to disable 6150 card via Device Monitor. The result was that screen became black (it is not surprise because momitor is attached to 6150), so I could only get access to PC via Remote Desktop. After did it - deviceQuery shows me emulation data, but “no device” again.

NVidia Control Panel says that drivers are OK.

What does it mean and what to do ?

With Vista you have to extend your desktop on 8800GS to make it visible to CUDA. To do this you’re likely need to connect monitor to card.

And CUDA won’t work from inside Remote Desktop session becuse RDP uses own display driver.

Thank you, it works.