CUDA & Remote Desktop?


I am a CUDA newbie. In our lab setup at work, we have a fairly recent Dell that has a Quadro 290. I plan to try some CUDA applications out on that. I had hoped to be able to use XP’s Remote Desktop to log on to the machine while remaining at my desk (on a laptop with a non-CUDA rated video card). However, it looks like no dice. Running for example deviceQuery tells me “There is no device supporting CUDA.” under a Remote Desktop window, while it tells me there is a device when I run it logged in at the comptuer’s monitor.

Questions: a) Am I correct that this shouldn’t work, or is something else going on? B) is there something in the documentation that I could look at that would explain to me better why this doesn’t work? I had assumed that CUDA would not be effected by the Remote Desktop- I’d like to get a better understanding of how it’s getting in the way.


-Les Elkins

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed the July 26 topic on the same subject in this forum. Nevermind, move along, nothing to see here…

Remote Desktop replaces the display driver with its own magic Remote Desktop display driver; as a result, CUDA doesn’t work since it depends on the display driver being present. Use VNC and everything’s peachy.