using CUDA via remote desktop

I want to use my 8800 GTX computer remotely via Windows-XP’s remote desktop, but while I am able to get to the computer, I am not able to run any GPU code.

I guess the remote desktop captures all display calls somehow.

Any suggestions? Could I run a non-display GPU remotely?

This is expected behavior. You should be able to use VNC instead.


Thanks for your suggestion. I am not familiar with VNC. Googling it I see several implementations (RealVNC, TightVNC etc.)

Any suggestions on which to use, and the pain in setting up etc.?

There are some suggestions in this thread:

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions and links.

The preferred strategy we hit upon is to use remote desktop for most things such as editing, etc. When it comes time to run code use tightvnc server, and tightvnc viewer.

Hey guys, Is there any “remote desktop” program with which CUDA now works ?

tight vnc question: is there any way to lock the local session on the cuda pc, and have the remote session continue running normally?