Can cuda be called by remote desktop?

Hi, we are considering to buy cuda enabled nVidia Quadro, but we doubt whether it can be used by remote desktop? Thanks a lot!

Do you mean Windows remote desktop? If so, I think the answer is no. Things like VLC and NX work, but Windows remote desktop currently uses a custom display driver which effectively disables cuda. There is rumoured to be a dedicated compute driver in the works for WDDM based Windows versions (so I guess Vista, 7, Server 2008, HPC 2008), but that hasn’t even made a beta release at this stage.

Such a driver should be available to registered developers in the very near future. There are some limitations, but if your goal is CUDA over Remote Desktop, it gets the job done very well.

That is good to hear. I generally avoid Windows like the plague, but it seems that some of our code might be escaping out of our lab and into a Windows only site quite soon. This could be a godsent, especially considering it is a 125km round trip from our place to the other site.

Yes, I mean windows remote desktop or somthing like remote controll in the background to make the cuda enabled GPU can be started in a remote way. I think VLC(i think it should be VNC) and NX would influence the performance. Anyway, very glad to hear the news on the potential “dedicated compute driver”. Thanks all!

VNC works - not great but works :)