Remote Desktop Connection No device detected

Hi all,

I have been given Remote Desktop access to a 3-GPU server running Windows Server 2008. There is no monitor attached to the server; the hope is that this might allow us to avoid the 5sec. kernel execution timeout.

I installed the 64-bit Vista 2.0 BETA drivers, toolkit and SDK, but the example SDK binaries run in emulation, and do not detect the cards. Device Manager sees the three cards, and lists the 174.55 driver, but I can’t see the usual NVIDIA buttons on the taskbar. Also, NVIDIA System Monitor reports that it is not able to run due to the system’s hardware limitation.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?

Many thanks,

remote desktop is probably using another graphics driver than the NVIDIA one. There are quite some posts about which protocol will work, search for RDP and you will probably find the info you need.

Most people use VNC for remote access to CUDA systems on Windows, as it keeps the original video driver loaded.

Many thanks, I’m looking into VNC now. It seems like I need to install a VNC server on the GPU machine. Would an SSH server also do the job? Perhaps an SSH server would also have a wrong driver problem.

SSH could possibly work since it doesn’t need to replace the video driver to function (unlike Remote Desktop), although I have never tried or thought about SSH servers on Windows.

can you activate all 3 devices under server 2008 ? I cant even on the console!

Also try logmein, I am running OpenGL and NVIDIA Cg programs without a problem.

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