C1060 on XP64 No CUDA devices available

I have an XP 64bit server with two C1060’s. The NVidia Display Driver is not running and will not start. There are no errors in the windows application or system event logs. There is no NVidia control panel applet. I’m logged into the system remotely via terminal services. I can’t get any CUDA apps to run. The deviceQuery applet reports that there are no CUDA devices available. I’ve installed the 178.24 and 178.28 drivers, but the symptoms haven’t changed. Anybody have any ideas as to how I can get this system up and running?

Terminal services provides its own graphics driver, replacing the NVIDIA ones. Because of this, CUDA doesn’t work over TS/RDP.

Ah, thank you. Is there a remoting solution that will work with CUDA?

On Windows, VNC is the usual program people use.