question about remote desktop

Hello everyone,

I am working on cuda under matlab and it is working fine. The problem I have now is :

When I work remotely (using remote desktop of windows xp, also called RDP) the result of the CUDA computations are always zero. The graphic card seems to be “turn off” when using RDP. It works fine using another remote controler such as VNC.

As I need to use only RDP, does anybody know how to fix the problem (like forcing RDP to use also remote graphic card for rendering or something like that ?)

Thanks a lot

Search the forums. RDP only exposes a dummy graphics driver at a low level. The NVIDIA driver isn’t even activated so there is nothing that can be done to activate CUDA. I know you say that RDP is your only option, but really if you want to run CUDA apps remotely your only option is to use something other than RDP, like VNC. Better yet, run linux where life is much easier ;)