no device


ive got a problem with CUDA… ive compiled the samples, but when i try to run some of them i get:

Error: API mismatch: this NVIDIA driver component has version

100.14.11, but the NVIDIA kernel module's version does not match.

Please make sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver

components have the same version.

There is no device supporting CUDA.

im not sure what i must do to fix this?


sorry, i just saw the previous post on this topic… ill try reinstall and see if that fixes the problem…

ok well i reinstalled… now i get

There is no device supporting CUDA.

ah i just did something incredibly stupid!

im running a FireGL card…

wow, that was dumb! :blink:

ah my mistake, its actually a GeForce 6800 GT

this machine keeps changing, from FireGL to GeForce to Quadro… External Image

no replies? :(

Sounds like you figured out your own problem. CUDA doesn’t run on any GPU before the GeForce 8 series.

hey seibert, thanks for the reply!

ah, so in that case it doesnt run on Quadro FX 540 either coz i also tested that?

where can i find the mimimum hardware specs?

on the samples page most of the samples require Quadro 3x and above so i assume thats the minimum???

CUDA runs on the GeForce 8xxx cards, and Quadro 5600 and 4600. Appendix A (pg. 75 in the PDF) of the CUDA Programming Guide lists the supported devices in a table.

thanks seibert!

bummer External Image

no way ill be able to get that kind of hardware…

thanks for the help :D