support GeForce 8300GS?

I have a 8300GS on vista. Does CUDA support it?


Any g80 or newer cards with 256MB or more will run CUDA


My card is just 128MB, although it’s g83. it means no CUDA support? thx.

Sorry to say it won’t. Not right now. Some of the older revs of CUDA worked on on 128mb such as cuda 1.0, but that didn’t get you vista support.

I’m looking to put out a limited version of CUDA in the release following 2.0 that will allow some work on 128MB systems.

You can certainly use emulation mode if you want to develop with CUDA now.

I downloaded beta 2.0 and tried to build and run the samples coming with the SDK. It seems it can run on my 8300 card, not on the emulation mode. is that true?

Some of the samples may work on the 8300gs , we’re just calling the 256MB version the minumum required. You may need to really trim down the data set sizes and keep other graphics things to a minimum while trying to work with a 128mb device. Thanks for reporting that some things are working on 2.0 beta.