Problem with vista and cuda..

Does Nvidia 9200GS support cuda? i am basically a beginner and want to learn cuda… + programing cuda… and have a laptop with GForce 9200GS does it support the same? and one more thing that i had a doubt about is that… i downloaded the drivers… for vista… (I have vista home premium) i downloaded… the 32 bit drivers but that doesnt work for me… nor do the 64 bit ones… my system is 32 bit i think… the problem that the installation gave was that my vista was neither 32 nor 64… i mean it didnt work for either now… this is really confusin???

One topic is usually plenty to get an answer here…

With that said, CUDA support in the laptop drivers typically lags behind the desktop versions a little bit. You could try installing CUDA 2.0 on your laptop in the meantime and see if that works for you. CUDA 2.0 has more or less the same API as CUDA 2.1, so the difference is small enough that I doubt you’ll really notice while you’re just starting out with it. Hopefully, the CUDA 2.1 laptop drivers will be done soon and released so you don’t have to worry about it!