Geforce 8800 Ultra supported by CUDA?

Hi all,

is the new GeForce 8800 Ultra supported by CUDA?
2250 MHz Memory speed sounds promising.


NVIDIA has said before that all new cards will support CUDA. The Ultra is just a faster GTX card and there should be no reason that it won’t work nearly identically.


thanks for your answer,
I know that NVidia stated before that all future cards will support CUDA. I am just afraid that the driver does not recognize the card because the card is newer than the driver. I don’t want to spend a lot of money now just to realize that I have to wait for the next CUDA release.

The upcoming prerelease is a matter of days and will come with a new driver fresh from the oven.

thanks a lot :-)

I’m sorry for being impatient, but I want to build a three GPU System, and my code for it is already finished (for testing currently running on one Card, alternating).

Could you please answer:
Is 8800 Ultra supported by CUDA 0.8 and driver 97.73?
Is 8800 Ultra supported by the upcoming release of CUDA?
Should I wait for the next CUDA release before ordering the System?

thanks a lot :-)

Can anybody answer quickly for the last questions of wslehrling?

It is supported in 0.9.

thanks a lot, system is ordered ;-)

I’m glad you got your answer. Now I am curious what hardware can support 3 of these monster cards. If you don’t mind sharing, could you please list the components that you are ordering?

I do not have the system yet, therefore I don’t know if the configuration is good / working at all.
When the system is here, I’ll give some results