CUDA, 9800GX2, Vista, & deviceQuery Newcomer seeking a tad of help :)

Hi all,

I’m a graduate student about to start a Master’s Thesis in Computer Engineering, and was planning do some CUDA programming as part of my Thesis. As a newcomer to CUDA, I have some questions:

I own a 9800GX2, housing two g92 GPUs which should support CUDA 1.1. However, the driver on the CUDA Downloads page is 169.21, which lacks support for the GX2. Moreover, it’s only for XP and I’m running Vista 64-bit. I’ve installed the toolkit and the SDK, but not the listed driver (169.21) since the GX2 isn’t supported there.

In a testing effort, I compiled and ran the “deviceQuery” (sample CUDA app), resulting in the message: “There is no device supporting CUDA.”

I wasn’t surprised, but still hoped to have the GX2 detected. I’m currently running driver 174.53

What must I do to get programming on my GX2?

Best wishes,

  • Korax

Vista is not supported in CUDA 1.1.
There is a 2.0 beta coming out soon, that will support it.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Is there any rough ETA on 2.0?

Also, I can create a dual-boot and install XP if needed. However, driver 169.21 doesn’t support the GX2 - so would XP even work?

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Just download the 174.74 drivers that support your card (for xp). I haven’t tried this driver yet and I’m away from my windoz CUDA box, but CUDA has been integrated into the mainline driver for a while now so it should work.


I am using the gx2 on xp after turning off the sli mode.

you need the 174.74 drivers and the 1.1 sdk and toolkit.

Thanks for the confirmation, tammay.

Are you able to make use of the 2 GPUs simultaneously though?