No device supporting CUDA (again) dual 8700M GT

I have installed driver version 169.21 using the modified inf from…showtopic=15113

Then installed CUDA 1.1 tools, and then CUDA 1.1 SDK.

Laptop is an Alienware Area 51 M9750 running XP service pack 2

This is a fresh XP install, no CUDA 1.0 was ever installed.

Also have CG toolkit and NVidia SDK installed.

Also tried m9750_NVIDIA_XP_6.14.11.5675.exe driver from Alienware with no luck.

I am dual booting XP (for CUDA) and Vista.

Any ideas? Many Thanks.


please look at the very top of the of the CUDA on Windows XP discussion area. There’s a sticky note “CUDA on WinXP notebooks”. It has an INF file to use.
Some of INF files referenced at laptopvideo2go do not support cuda.
If an INF file does not contain the string “nvcuda.dll” it won’t work.

Thanks dhoff! CUDA is a thing of beauty…