WinXP notebook drivers revisited

As with a number of others posting to this list, I’m interested in running CUDA on a notebook. The sticky post by dhoff states that in order to do so you need to run a 169.## or newer driver. The problem being that most notebooks do not ship with the newer drivers, nor support upgrades to the newer drivers.

A recent review of WinXP notebook options has revealed a limited number of Dell notebooks that have the option to upgrade to the 174.31 driver. Presumably since this is a newer driver, CUDA is supported (and apparently supported by Dell on these systems). Has anyone had success with this driver?

You don’t need the laptop to ship with a driver to install it.

To install 169.21 driver on Laptops please check out

Read the instructions there to install the driver on the laptop.

I believe only the 169.21 driver provides CUDA support on Windows XP.

I am using a DELL XPS 1530 with windows XP (169.21 driver).


Yes it looks like Dell’s 174.31 driver has the CUDA driver components included for XP and XP64. I haven’t tested it, just looked inside the distribution package. Someone could try it on a D620. Obviously this driver is unique for those specific Dell models and their specific display devices, so 169.21 is still best for everyone else.

Thanks. Sounds like it’s worth testing with the 174.31 driver, and returning to the 169.21 if that fails.

I should have asked this question long time back…but why doesnt nVidia just unify the drivers.
As in, nvPerfKit installs its own instrumented driver different from 169.21 which CUDA supports…


Has anyone tried instaling a cuda driver on a MacbookPro, into the XP bootcamp OS? MacOS already comes with a cuda driver so not a problem, but have not experimented with XP yet.