getting up and running Macbook Pro 15in 8600M GT Win XP 64


I’m trying to get CUDA support up and running on my Macbook Pro (Santa Rosa) running XP 64. Just installed latest notebook drivers rev. 179.48, CUDA setup 2.1, CUDA 2.1 SDK. I’m unable to get any of the provided demos up and running… the one thing I noticed is that the 179.48 drivers ‘recognize’ my 8600GT as a 512MB version, while since I got my MBP before the 512MB option was available, I’ve got the 256MB version. Is it likely that the 179.48 drivers (which are marked as beta) are the issue here, or is there some configuration I’m thus far unaware of that I need to go through to get things to behave? Thanks for the help.


Andy Berner
G.R.A., Atmospheric Science
University of Washington

Hmm… or perhaps I should just RTFM… the sdk 2.1 readme says it requires forceware rev. 180.60 minimum, whereas the latest notebook family drivers are the aforementioned 179.48. Do I need to find sdk 2.0 and wait for the drivers to catch up, or is there again a subtlety I’m missing?



use 2.0 or wait for 18x.xx notebook drivers.