Macbook 9400M and cuda Crosspost!

Ive already posted this in the windows xp forum a couple of days ago but it received no love, so im trying here.

Can anyone confirm that it is possible to run CUDA apps on a macbook (non pro) with a 9400M video card when Windows XP is running?

The topic has been raised in the osx forum, it seems to work under osx. Just checking to see if it works on windows xp too.



I just restarted under the forbidden OS and tried CUDA on it. I had no luck running 2.1, as it requires newer drivers (182.) that don’t get installed on the machine (it has 176. on it). SDK 2.0 on the other hand required only 178 drivers and it worked, sort of, here are some sample results:


There is 1 device supporting CUDA

Device 0: “☻”

Major revision number: 44

Minor revision number: 268477309

Total amount of global memory: 3801088 bytes

Number of multiprocessors: 1244912

Number of cores: 9959296

Total amount of constant memory: 268470471 bytes

Total amount of shared memory per block: 0 bytes

Total number of registers available per block: 1244964

Warp size: 268613784

Maximum number of threads per block: 268495156

Maximum sizes of each dimension of a block: 1244912 x 1 x 3809704

Maximum sizes of each dimension of a grid: 1244904 x 268671108 x 3809688

Maximum memory pitch: 4294967295 bytes

Texture alignment: 2564498346 bytes

Clock rate: 1.24 GHz

Concurrent copy and execution: Yes


MEM Bandwith

Running on…

 device 0:â•š7:

Quick Mode

Host to Device Bandwidth for Pageable memory


Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)

33554432 1103.8

Quick Mode

Device to Host Bandwidth for Pageable memory


Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)

33554432 1267.9

Quick Mode

Device to Device Bandwidth


Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)

33554432 2300.3

&&&& Test PASSED

Press ENTER to exit…[/codebox]

I suppose earlier versions might have worked better, but I had just so much patience for the XP.


P.S. And yes, it works perfectly under OSX :)

Thanks for the reply! “sort of” sounds about right! Though id gladly welcome our new 1244912 MPs overlord.

Sure it might work perfectly on osx, but visual studio doesnt. And i need my visual studio :) ducks

Do the more elaborate samples run? Particle Sim for exemple…

Id be grateful if anyone else could chime in to let me know if it works with newer drivers/cuda runtime.


I tried oceanFFT and it produced some errors, showed the screen but no waves… Who needs an ocean with no waves…

P.S. Please don’t start the VS vs XCode vs EMacs battle, we all have a nice weather to enjoy the weekend away from comps and posts :))

Dont worry, i know what i prefer, dont care what everybody else uses!

Hmm… this doesnt seem too god for my plans to switch to a macbook… Well ill wait and see if anyone can chime in with recent drivers.

Thanks a lot!

Im bumping this since itll kinda decide which laptop i buy next so if anyone has any new information, with perhaps cuda 2.2 and a recent display driver on windows xp…

One of my classmates went into an apple store and told one of the managers that he would buy a laptop today if it could run CUDA to his liking. The machines are wiped every night anyways so they worked with him to install whatever he wanted. Unfortunately he couldn’t get it to work right so he didn’t end up buying the machine right then but he did eventually get another model.

He probably got really lucky, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to try something similar if there is an apple store around ^_^ and this was the only thing holding you back…

Well theres a bad news. Thanks for the report.
Im not sold on the mac cause its a mac but it was actually one of the few 13 inches laptop with a discrete nvidia card i could find.

Any suggestion on what else is out there? 13 inches for ~1000$?

In case anyone falls on this old thread through google or forum search, i can confirm that it works just fine.

New Macbook pro 13" (with only the 9400M) running windows 7 and drivers from nvidia’s site (not bootcamp’s).

The exemples in the sdk work without a hitch.

Check out the thread about reviews of CUDA compatible laptops. I’ve reviewed one inexpensive 15.4 inch laptop model by HP that I own - and it beats the Macbook in terms of CUDA processing power.

No doubt it does but i really wanted to go 12" or 13".

Ill try to chime in with a review in your post in the next couple of days.

HP Pavilion DV3 with G105 graphics, 13 inches.