CUDA 2.0 on Laptop GPUs (8600M GT)

CUDA 2.0 has texture3D support, which is an important feature for our research on medical imaging. We have been very happy playing with 2.0 on our 9800GX2 desktop.

However, we really need to demonstrate our project on our laptop (MacBook Pro with WindowsXP using 8600M GT card). I can only get CUDA 1.1 work with modified driver 169.21.

I really appreciate any information on which driver (with modified inf) we can use under this situation to enable CUDA 2.0.

Thank you very much.

I’ve got CUDA 2.0 to work - under Linux - on two Macbook Pros. One Penryn and a Santa Rosa. For what it’s worth, I used driver 177.13 that I downloaded from the same place as the Cuda 2.0 beta kit.

I repeat - this was Linux. :)

Thanks for the information. It seems that WindowsXP driver is still hard to find.

well you can just download it from the CUDA pages…

Yes, I did. First, the driver did not support 8600M GT. So I was trying to modify INF to make it installed. Finally, I managed to installed the driver, but the none of sample projects can run. Looks like the INF modification is a failure. That’s why I am looking if someone else has done this successfully.

Weird - can you tell me exactly which driver you downloaded from where?