Cuda with Quadro FX 1600m

Hi All,
I’m new here and all but a video-card-pro…
My problem is that I’d like to work with Cuda enabled applications on my HP 8710w with QuadroFX 1600M.
(XP 32 SR3)
The informations I get regarding this card is kind of unclear - some list this card as Cuda-enabled, others say
it isn’t. In fact I tried installing driver and toolkit but without sucess - the driver installer cancels with this error
message “The Nvidia SetupProgram couldn’t find any drivers which are compatable with the current hardware”.

My sorrow is that the card is Cuda enabled in theory but does not get supported enough by HP (the last update
is from March 08). Could this be the answer why my installer always breaks up?

Thanks in advance for any insights!


Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I’d still be happy for some hints…

Nvidia drivers won’t support laptops out of the box. The laptop manufacturer is on the hook for updating the latest drivers, which they never do.

Fortunately someone else is doing this for us.

Download the latest drivers from them and then try to install cuda.

Works with my quadro fx 1600 M


You just have to extract the driver files and edit an INF to recognize your PCI ID. Look around, there’s many threads on doing this.

Hi Alex, Matt,
sorry, it took a while - thanks for your answers :) . I’ll dig into it.



as you have the same card and could get Cuda to work, I’d be very interested to follow your steps exactly.

What I did so far: I went to laptopvideo and downloaded both driver and an altered .inf - file.

Indeed I could then install a Desktop-Driver (181.00).

However - Cuda-installation still fails with the known

error: “The Nvidia SetupProgram couldn’t find any drivers which are compatable with the current hardware”

Matt, could you please repeat your steps and tell me what exact driver you installed?

That would be very helpful.

greetings, Holger

CUDA consists of:




if you have already installed the latest driver, you only need to install toolkit and sdk.

Indeed my QuadroFx 1600m now works with Cuda. Thanks to everybody who contributed!


I am having exactly the same problem with my HP8710w with FX 1600M card.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to alter that inf file… precisely, how and where to retrieve the relevant info which has to be put in…

As I understand the problem, there is a certain file in the driver setup folder, which has to be somehow changed in order to overcome the error message mentioned earlier in this topic.

Is it possible to upload that file(s) here for me?

Or at least to be more specific about the procedure how to change the info?

Many thanks in advance for your time and effort…


Did give it one last try at 3AM and used inf file from 185.20 drivers (which I could install but did not work at all with my FX 1600M). With this inf I could install version 181.20 which works just fine incl. Cuda.

Seems like AVID and Adobe programs love this driver too.