CUDA on windows vista?

I tryed to run any of the CUDA SDK examples in Vista x64 using the drivers 162.22 ( the latests ones, 26 July 2007 ) but it says “There is no device supporting CUDA”. Is CUDA officially supported under Vista or can run only on WinXP/2k?
If not… any idea when will be available?


It is only supported on Windows XP.

Do you know when will be available in Vista?

Also other question… I bought a Geforce 8500 GT and a Radeon 2400 Pro. I want to use the Radeon as primary adapter to put the GeForce 8500 as secondary device to avoid the CUDA 5second primary adapter problem… Is this configuration possible? Do I need install Forceware drivers to use CUDA? I tryed to install them together with the ATI Catalyst but got tons of problems… I think Vista cannot use two display drivers from different vendors… and WinXP having problems too…

What I want is just to use the 8500GT for CUDA, not as a display adapter… Any way to sepparate Forceware display drivers from CUDA? I mean… are Forceware drivers really required to run a CUDA program or just the CUDA toolkit installed? Well, I think currently the 8500GT needs the forceware installed, so is impossible to co-exist using the Radeon 2400 as primary display adapter… In an ideal situation CUDA should not depend at all on Forceware display drivers… should be an independent driver… If I install the Catalyst 7.7+Radeon and the GF8500GT without Forceware the CUDA programs tell me “Sorry, can’t find any CUDA device”… But this is strange, because the “Tesla” units won’t require Forceware drivers… so i’m confused.

Any way to do this please? ( Yes I know I could use 2x 8500GT in SLI, but I wanna mix it with the Radeon… )


I was unable to get CUDA to work using an ATI card as the primary adapter and a 8800GTX as secondary. I think the problem is driver conflicts.

when will drivers avaiable ? any aproxmimate date ?