Going to try cuda on vs05 + Vista

hehe, hope no much problem would happen…

CUDA does not currently support Windows Vista. You will be able to run in emulation, but the driver will not work.

bad news. Then when will cuda support vista, please? thanks a lot!

I tried also CUDA on Vista but the execution result in fail

with message “Device is not found”.

I also find CUDA driver causes my Vista PC crash.

I guess it takes much time until CUDA supports Vista.

Of course I hope try CUDA on Vista.

This all seems a little back to front on the behalf of Nvidia: they release a card that is aimed at DX10 and so to fully utilise the graphics power you need a Vista machine but on the other hand to get CUDA to work you must run it on an XP machine…

Seems barmy - have I got this right??? :blink:

Well, using WinXP or Linux you get the “graphics power” (you mean the DX10 functionality, right) through the OpenGL extensions + CUDA. :)



We have a limited number of engineers working on CUDA (you’d be surprised how small the team is), so we have to prioritize. Within our target markets for CUDA, the majority OSes of choice are Linux and Windows XP. We do plan to support Vista in the future.

As Peter points out, the full power of the GPU is available on these OSes through OpenGL.


[attachment=4531:attachment]Then I wish to join in the team after graduation:)

ps we’ve got a DaMoN paper (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~damon2007/papers.html) acknowledging you.

Question about the driver.

Is this driver specific for use with CUDA? If I install this driver, will it overwrite my manufacturer provided driver? Is the manufacturer provided driver sufficient for running CUDA?

When will Vista support for CUDA happen? I know this has been asked before but is there an estimated date like Q4 2007? Appreciate the info.

Its a shame NVidia command isn’t fighting your corner a bit more and providing you the support, cuda really has tremendous potential from the great work you’ve done so far.

Sadly I have to say from what I’ve seen of openGL performance under 64bit vista its a bit under par and yes I was talking about directx 10 features.

Having said that this isn’t really my point, I could of written everything in asm and get those features but I want to develop using directX 10 I dont want to have to adopt another graphics library for a temporary period.

I know your thinking ‘well you’ll just have to wait then’ and thats fair enough (kind of) its just frustrating!

With the recently announced Stereo 3D drivers for Vista it would make Vista the platform of choice… but without CUDA I’ll continue to use OpenGL under WinXP.

[EDIT]Just found the announcements page: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=63956… looking forward to the release of CUDA 2.0b!

Any updates?
Will CUDA be supported under Vista?
When is it likely to be released?