CUDA and VISTA, 32bit?

I’ve searched through both this forum as well as several others and I can’t find a projected launch date for support for VISTA. I’m only working with VISTA 32bit version, will that work?

I recently ordered an HP laptop and found out that they do not even offer XP anymore so I’m stuck with VISTA. External Image So, any NVIDIA officials out there have anything new on this topic?

We have not announced an availability date yet for CUDA on Vista. The next release will pick up WinXP64. Vista will be in a subsequent release to that. We’ve been installing XP and Linux as dual boot on some of the notebooks shipping with Vista.

Please please please give us Vista ASAP. If nothing else, could someone give us a timeframe? While I know this is a very small team at nvidia, it would seem that Vista would be such a big win for the platform. Frankly, shipping computers (especially laptops) that contain G80 are new systems and almost never ship with XP. Please help!


Me too I am waiting. Want to explore using CUDA to for a HD full screen video application in vista 32. Hurry up, Nvidia please.

The absence of CUDA support on Vista is a show-stopper for release of our commercial application. We can continue “experimenting with” CUDA on XP systems, but support for Vista is a requirement for our application at this time.

Hi nVidia,

I think you have completely underestimated how important Vista support is for any commercial software vendor desiring to use CUDA. First of all, nearly all machines shipped for a year only come with Vista. And for those people who get laptops, the situation is much worse as the chips needed for CUDA rarely (if ever) come with XP as an option. Besides, how the heck and I supposed to tell someone wanting to buy my software that they need to reinstall to an old OS and use unsupported drivers???

Come on guys. I know that there is a small team working on this, but enough is enough. At this point CUDA is only applicable for data center or research applications. If you don’t want ISV to work with you fine. But just let us know and don’t string us along. Complete silence on your roadmap is no longer funny.

I really hope I’m not coming across rude, but I have bet one of my apps on CUDA and at this point I don’t know if I will ever be able to sell it! I really thought that a driver for the most popular OS in the world would be a no brainer… boy was I wrong!


Yes, I really agree that support for Vista 32 should probably come before xp64 imo. Most people running a 8800 series card have vista to use dx10 games… I personally have to run vista as a dev, so I am very much looking forward to a vista release (since it won’t work in a VM).

Hi Guys,

We haven’t underestimated the importance of Vista, but supporting Vista requires a lot more work than WinXP and Linux due to the changes in the driver model. We decided to focus on XP and Linux for the first releases and we are actively working on a Vista port for a future release.

Also (not that it means much for Vista), but we demonstrated CUDA running on Mac OS X Leopard at Supercomputing. Proof at least that new OS support is in the pipeline.


Ok, it not work with Vista Driver but it is possible to install NVidia XP driver on Vista ? I already do that in the past with ATI Driver and it work well (But without Managed desktop ). Now nvidia XP driver stop installation on Vista.