Cuda on a virtual machine

Is there anyone who has experience running cuda on a virtual machine? Are there any obvious problems, such as drivers for the GPU, etc? If anyone has tried this, I would be interested to know your results.

This is not possible, as you must have the CUDA driver installed, and in order to install the CUDA driver (which ships with the display driver) you must have a CUDA supported GPU available. I’m not aware of any virtual machines which fake NVIDIA GPUs.

You’d be best to use host emulation if you don’t have a CUDA supported GPU.

I guess that should have been obvious. Thank you for your quick reply.

My desktop plays with windows VISTA. unfortunately I cannot use CUDA at vista.

hence I tried to play it with virtual machine…Virtual machine set up its GPU as T4…

So I formated my PC and installed window XP…It takes almost 2 days… -_-;;

Or you just put a 10 Gb (or smaller) partition for Linux next to Vista. Costs you 1 hour ;)

But I can’t handle LINUX… :)

If you can program C/CUDA you are more than capable enough :D

Thanx for your helpful advice!!

There are a lot of things to do^^

Ok I might be saying something stupid here!! let me know if I do. I watched a video on the Hyper-V hypervisor (codename Viridian) that will ship a few months from now (as part of windows server 2008) where They say (MS) that Viridian uses the original drivers of the device so it might be (this is the part where i might be saying non-sense) that CUDA could also be used on VMs. and my guess is that vista drivers will also work on WS2008 since both have the same kernel and driver model.



Because of my horrible English skill, I can’t understand exactly what you saying… :">

What you mean is that I can use CUDA at Vista version?

Best Regards…

i don’t know for sure, I was just guessing… you can try it when the vista CUDA driver is out or we can ask the NVIDIA team to try it !!!

so wait and see ;)

Ok I tried to play wth CUDA at Vista…but it didn’t work…

and I couldn’t install xp driver at vista system…Hence…I am sad… External Media

There is no support for Vista yet, so you have to stick to either Windows XP or Linux.