emulation in windows vista

[font=“Comic Sans MS”]hello,

i have to write a code with the CUDA environment,and run it later in a platform containing a NVIDIA GPU,but my computer doesn’t contain a CUDA enabled GPU,it conatin another GPU from an other vendor.so i want to use the emulation in teh first time to validate the code and so later run it in the real platform.so after installing the visual studio 2005,the CUDA toolkits and the cuda SDK,i think i should install the Direct3D.so which version should i use(i have the windows vista)?should i install also the cuda driver also?what are the other programs or tools that i should install?is it the best idea to validate my code using the emulation.i’m a new user of cuda and nvidia tools,so i wish have some answers to help me to start my project.

thank you in advance[/font]