Executing first CUDA program


I am new to CUDA programming. The configuration of my machine is MS Windows XP Professional SP2,
Intel Core2 CPU E7400@2.80GHz, 2.0GB RAM, Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family.

I have following two queries:

  1. Without adding any new hardware, do we have any emulator available on which we can write, compile and run CUDA programs?
  2. What are the basic steps that needs to be followed to write, compile and run first CUDA program?

I heard there are emulators available from NVIDIA for writing CUDA programs for Intel machines. Any inputs in this regard will be of great help.


There was an emulator in previous version of the cuda SDK but it is not supplied anymore as there are now debuggers that can debug applications running on the GPU.
Usual recommendation is to see if you can borrow or buy a graphics card that supports Cuda.

NB emulator did not fully emulate Cuda e.g. on GPU operations happen in parallel, in emulator they happen sequentially (they have to as it is running on CPU) this is a trap for people new to Cuda particularly where arrays are being updated sequentially instead of in parallel.

As the emulator has been discontinued for a while now even if you got it you might find that it doesn’t know about some of the newer features of Cuda.

There also is ocelot which is a great peace of software. Still for someone new to CUDA I would recommend getting a CUDA capable GPU.