embarassing question

If I don’t have an NVIDIA Graphic Card on my laptop, Can I install CUDA DRIVER?

You cannot install the driver, but you can install the toolkit and SDK. You can develop and test CUDA programs in emulation mode. This is no guarantee however, that a program that works in emulation mode will also run fine on actual CUDA hardware.

Thank you, very much!

I’ve already installed CUDA Toolkit and CUDA SDK, but I have a problem with CUDA Toolkit : when I start it, it says me: Unable to load the ‘nvcuda’ library. CUDA Visual Profiler device features will be disabled, what can I do?

Up till now I’ve been using Visual c++ 2005 do debug (emudebug) and run my programs, it’s ok?

I’m sorry! I have another question: what is the fuction of visual profiler?

To measure and report on performance counters of kernels running on actual CUDA hardware.

No CUDA hardware -> no performance counters -> no profiler ;)