CUDA driver cannot be installed!

  1. my laptop is WinXP 32-bit without cuda-capable GPU.
  2. I installed cuda Toolkit3.0, SDK3.0 and wanted to run program in emulation mode
  3. The program(template.exe) tells me something’s wrong with graphics API and CUDA driver - of course something is wrong. I have not installed the drivers!
  4. I tried with cuda driver 2.3 for notebook and for general, and I tried cuda driver 3.0 for notebook, none worked. All three versions were telling me that no compatible driver for my hardware could be found.

I know not having a cuda-capable card is not good, but at least i should be able to run program in emu mode right? Is it that i missed something or something tricky has to be done?

how do i get the emulated device?