developing CUDA with device emulation before getting 8800

Hi all,
I’m attempting to develop with CUDA but haven’t got the cash to purchase an 8800 gtx yet. I was hoping to get at least some code going using emulation before I can convince my boss to let me purchase one. I assume the beta display driver must be installed on the system, even when using device emulation mode. However, when I try to install it, it says no devices found, so it exits. Is there any way around this?
Thanks for your help.

You do not need the beta display driver for emulation mode.

Hi there,
I’m brand new to this and while I do have an NVIDIA card on order, I would like to start learning about the development ahead of time. I don’t see an obvious way to install the SDK in emulation mode on the website - is there a special package to download for this? Is the hardware emulation something separate that has to be done, and if so could anyone advise me on this process?

Thank you kindly!

There is only one SDK and one Toolkit.
In order to run in emulation mode, you just need to pass the proper flag to the compiler ( make emu=1 in Linux, in Windows there is already an emulation target under Visual Studio)

Or, if you would like to setup an IDE like eclipse, add -deviceemu as a compiler option.
Do you really need the beta driver for emulation? With linux some sort of nvidia device is sufficient. I’ve used for example a G7950.