where should i get emmmulator software

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this is naveen , i dnt have graphics card in my computer … but i want develop my project using GRAHIC card … before i am going to buy My graphics card , i wnat implement my code in software as EMMULATOR ( instead of using Graphic card…) if it is possible then plz where should i get tat software and path of downlod

any body can help… kindlyyyyyyyyyyy

download the toolkit & sdk. There is an emulation mode.
But beware, code that works in emulation mode might not work on device.

I haven’t been through all the documentation, but what are the circumstances under which this might occur? I am simply trying to write some benchmark tests to port onto our Tesla S1070 once it is set up and running. Should I be concerned about this?


Don’t worry, it’s not in the documentation. Emulation mode won’t reveal: race conditions, host pointers being passed to device code, and various minor details of operator precision and behavior.

It also doesnt reveal grid/block size conflicts with available registers count for your device. So a kernel may launch in emulation mode and completely fail when run on the device.

thakx for reply sir… but thing is where can i get tat emulation software … please send me the path of software

there is no emulation software. Install SDK & Toolkit and compile in emulation mode.

thakx sir

i downloaded sdk & tool kit software … how to run the progrm in emulation mode

select the EmuDebug model to run the program

sorry to ask… i am new to cuda programmning … i want know how to compile and execute my programs for my project… i dont have graphics card also… once i will implemnt my project using NVEMULATE instead of graphics card. … is it possible if yes then plese tell me how to use tat software and EmuDebug mode … kindly

Install Visual Studio, go to the CUDA SDK directory, open an SDK sample project (eg matrixmul) in Visual Studio, choose EmuDebug at the top, and click Run.

It should then compile and execute.

Is Naveen using Windows or Linux?

Sorry, guys I dint look earlier for forum Title.

thanx fro reply

i am using windows xp only…