CUDA Emulator Can i have cuda emulator?

hello cuda experts! Can i have cuda emulator for my workstation having no cuda enabled card. Can i test the code and then get that to the workstation having cuda enabled code. I was googling for this and i found this

It’s for linux and i am working on windows Xp and windows 7.

Any guidelines or suggestions ??

hey dude, try this link Manual for Setting up CUDA Emulation on Windows

i went through all steps but having problem at last step, unable to find CUDA BUILD Rule v ..* Under Configuration properties. I am using cuda sdk 4.0 and toolkit 4.0 and visual studio 2005, any suggestions ??

Emulation mode was removed several CUDA releases ago. If you are using Windows, that basically means you have to use NSight to debug your code.

will it work if i don’t have cuda enabled card ???

No. In fact it won’t work unless you have two cuda enabled cards (although that might have changed in recent releases, but it was the case last time I tried it).

There is a CUDA emulator for MAC OS X? I would like develop a CUDA C application, but my MacBookPro haven’t a nvidia video card :-(
Do I have some solution at this problem?


Hi! Any solutions in case of mac os x?