Running CUDA C code without a graphic card

i started learning CUDA few weeks ago and i am using the computers at the university labs to compile my code since they have nvidia graphic cards. But my MacBook does not have a graphic card. Is there any way or any emulator to solve my problem to check at least whether what i am writing is correct?

I bet your MacBook have a GPU, wether it’s on it’s chipset or integrated into the CPU, but you surely have a GPU (or else this is the first Mac Laptop without a screen! lol).

You have to check your configuration (path change depending on the OS version, but usually click on the apple on the left-top of the screen -> about this mac -> more infos …)

But you still didnt reply my question, is there any CUDA emulator for mac if you dont have NVIDIA graphic card ??? My macbook has the intel 3000 graphic card

There are many ways to emulate or execute ptx code on the CPU, but none of them is satisfying, in terms of performance and behavior of a hugely parallel GPU: there are many many chances that your code running on an emulator or recompiled for the CPU will run correctly on it but never on a true GPU, and forget any real work on optimizing for CUDA GPU without a true GPU!

You’d better find a used computer with a GeForce 8600/9500 or better, than to try any alternative emulation/recompilation solution.