CUDA with emulator developing without compatible card


is there a way to develop CUDA applications on a PC (with Vista -32) which does not have a CUDA compatible graphics adapter?

(I bought a laptop with Geforce 9500m Gs card, and while it seems not to be supported. I hope I could do development on this laptop, and then do real tests with a desktop PC with a supported adapter)



From what I’ve read, you should be able to use this card for development. Have you explicitly checked its compatibility status?

Try the CUDA 2.0 Beta and its accompanying driver.


yes, I was able to compile and run sample applications after I downloaded the modified .ini file which was posted to another thread. In the “official beta” package my card was not yet supported.

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Cool, good luck w/ CUDA

Please check this link. It mentions the use of CUDA through a emulator