Installing CUDA without graphics card I'm a complete nOOb, help me!


these questions might sound very trivial, but please see if you can help me

  1. I have a dell laptop that DOES NOT have a graphics card. It has the inbuilt intel chipset and media accelerator. Can I install CUDA on it?

  2. Since I didn’t know the answer to the above question (and read somewhere that one can use an emulator to work on CPU) i downloaded the driver, toolkit and sdk and tried to install them in that order.
    Driver installation failed - “Could not find drivers compatible with hardware” :unsure:
    toolkit got installed.
    SDK almost got installed., but whenever i try to open the cuda Sdk browser it says - “side by side configuration incorrect, failed to open the browser” :wacko:

Could somebody tell me where I’m going wrong? Or atleast provide with some links to tutorials i can follow.
I just want to get started for a summer project opportunity in CUDA programming. It would be great if i can try out some programs on my own and see how the entire thing works before I start under my guide. the place I’m going has a Tesla personal supercomputer (now you know why I’m so eager!) Any help (including irrelevant replies and criticism) would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Yes. You’ll just be stuck using Emulation mode, which is fairly slow and also not a perfect representation of how your code will run on the GPU.

  2. You can’t install the driver. Just the toolkit, then the SDK.