Cuda without GPU

Hi! I´m starting in the Cuda programming world (i´m doing my final project with that), but by this time i had only probs.
I don´t have any GPU device so i try to compile with -deviceemu flag, at least at first till the moment i´ll get a GPU,

But the compiler tell me something like that:
“CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”

Any idea? i´m looking desperate for this drivers, but i have no idea which one is, due to i dont have any GPU device.

I readed something about -deviceemu is only supported by 3.0 version or older, but with 3.2 i can use the flag,
anyways i desinstall 3.2 and install 3.0 , but if i check nvcc --version i still am with 3.2.

Thanks very much,