Can't install CUDA Driver Help! Doesn't recognize my OS as Windows Vista 32-bit?

I’m using Sony FZ-4000, Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium, with the latest driver, the card is 8400GT

I tried both the Notebook and General version…

I attached of what I got as an error :((

anyone know the problem? any help would be appreciate it!

Have you tried to run it in Compatibility Mode with Vista SP1? In fact, why don’t you simply download the Vista drivers and install them under Vista SP1 compatibility?

It’s worth a try. I have forced many of my Vista drivers to install successfully on an unwilling Windows 7 by running them in Compatibility Mode.

How do you run it under the compatibility mode?


I am using acer aspire 5738G It has Geforce G105M companies website state its cuda enabled.I trying to install the cuda driver but its showing errors.Plz help

I have even tried changing the compatibility mode.The option aint dere.Setup Is declaring that i m nt using vista 32 bit.N when i use 2.3 it says steup do not find required hardware.Help