CUDA driver 177_35 refuses to install on Vista32 could not detect my Vista32 installation

The current driver (177_35) for Vista 32bit does not install, complaining that it could not detect a 32bit Vista (does not say what it actually detected).
I am using a HP laptop with Vista 32 and FX 570M graphics.

Does anybody know, whether the installation should work? Is there a workaround to convince the installation routine to install the driver nevertheless?

Thanks for any help

Did you download the 177.35 drivers supporting all cards and not just the GTX 260 & 280 ?

Not obvious for me where I can recognize this. Description of driver before download says:

CUDA driver (BETA): NVIDIA Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista with CUDA Support (177.35). Includes driver support for 8 series and higher GPUs.

And the filename is: NVIDIADisplayWinVisa(177_35)Int.exe

Just an update from my side:
installing Vista SP1 did not solve the problem.
I am still open for suggestions.

I have the same problem on SONY VAIO with nvidia GeForce 8400M GS.

Maybe the mobile GPU is not supported. link

I got the same problem.

You can install the the previous version 174.55. here