Installing CUDA 3.0 32 bit on Windows7 64 bit.


I use Windows7 Professional 64 bit OS and a Geforce 275GTX and just wanted to set up CUDA 3.0 and therefore tried to install the “devdriver_3.0_winvista-win7_32_197.13_general.exe” driver.

Thereby I got the following Error:
“Setup detected the operating system is not Windows Vista [32 bit]/Windows7 [32 bit]. This setup program and its assosiated drivers are designed to run only on Windows Vista [32 bit]/Windows7 [32bit]. The installation will be terminated!”

The reason why I want to use the 32bit version of cuda, although I have windows7 64 bit is that I use several other libraries in my program which are all 32bit compiled.
My old display driver “cudadriver_2.3_winvista_32_190.38_general.exe” was also 32 bit and worked on my 64 bit windows7 without problems.

In some posts on older driver I also read about a bug that shows this error. So is there a possibility that I can still install the 32bit driver on my Window7 64 bit or isn’t that working at all for new cuda 3.0 driver?