CUDA Driver installer problem, please help

Hi all,

I’m a newbie in CUDA environment. I use x64 Windows 7 with GT 240M graphics card on my laptop. I downloaded the CUDA driver installer for x64 Win7 (notebook) and while the setup started and the InstallShield wizard was running, there occured such an error:

– Fatal Error

– You are running a 32 bit version of Nvidia uninstaller on a 64 bit system (binary type I386).
– Wrong version or uninstaller. Uninstaller exits now.

But after I click OK there comes another error:

– Nvidia Setup Error

– Setup detected that the system you are using isn’t Windows 7 [64 bit]. The setup is designed for Windows 7 [64 bit], the setup exits now.

Then I thought of trying x32 installer but the results were same.

Can you please help?