what are the GPUS supported by cuda2.0?

according to the topic:

Beta 2.0 for Windows and Vista

it says:

What GPUs are supported with this release:

G80, G84, G86 and G92. With the exception of 9800GTX (for Windows and Vista), just didn’t get into this build in-time. 9800GX2 did make it. Beta 2.0 for Windows and Vista

does it mean that G8800GT G9800GT G9800GTX and the GPUS not listed can’t be support by now release. and if so, will all these CUDA-enable GPUS be supported after the beta release.

we want select a GPU to do researchs, and want it to be support by CUDA2.0

help me ! thank you very much!

All released GPUs since G80, support CUDA. All future GPUs, unless explicitly stated otherwise, will support CUDA.