Compute capability ver. of GTS 250

Hellow, do any body know what version of compute capability of GTS 250 1G board will be?

It is G92 according to the reviews, so it will be compute capability 1.1. You will probably get a lot more performance for the dollar with the GTX 260.

If that is true then :

Developers have reported strange RARE problems with Compute capable 1.1 devices. Mr.Anderson would be able to tell better (He had that issue if my memory serves me right)


May b, I made some loose comments before. Here is more concrete info.

Check this forum thread. The issue is not nailed down as an 1.1 issue though – but Mr.Anderson’s testing look to indicate something on that side.

TESLA C1060 and S1070 seem to work fine without problems.

Ah, but I’ve never seen those problems confirmed on the 55nm compute 1.1 cards. I only have access to the older ones. So the problem may or may not be present.