Compute capability of Quadro FX 4800 can't find it listed.

I cannot find the compute capability of a Quadro FX 4800 card in the programming guide or on the NVIDIA web site. When I run the deviceQuery sample program in Debug, it returns 0 from the call to cudaGetDeviceCount, so I can’t run cudaGetDeviceProperties to find out. I’ve got a Quadro FX 1400 card that is supposed to be handling the display, and a Quadro FX 4800 that is supposed to handle the CUDA processing. So, I guess I’ve got two problems. I can’t get the 4800 card to be recoginzed, and I can’t find out if it can handle the double precision processing I need to do.

The Quadro FX 4800 uses GT200, so its double precision capable.

Thanks. Now all I’ve got to figure out is how to get the CUDA runtime to figure out that is on the machine and hooked up to the bus.

Does windows see the card, and are you running a new enough driver and CUDA toolkit?

A reboot seemed to fix the problem of not finding the device. Thanks.