CUDA support to Quadro FX-4500 Program does not detect the GPU for this card

I run on Windows-xp 64 operating system
My GPU is Quadro FX-4500
I downloaded the 191.78 driver for this GPU, the CUDA tool kit 2.3, and SDK, the x64 version.
I try to run a simple program, or the DeviceQuery from the SDK, and get 1 device, which is the emulating device
(deviceProp.major == 9999 && deviceProp.minor == 9999), instead of the real GPU.
What is the problem? Is it true that this card is not supported by CUDA? If yes - what card is similar to the FX-4500, that I may install?
Thanks for answers

The FX-4500 doesn’t support CUDA.

Thanks - I suspected so.