Does CUDA support NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450?

I am a newbie to CUDA, and read the CUDA release notes 1.1. I can not find Quadro FX 3450 in the supporting list. Does that mean I have to buy a new video card to try CUDA?

Thanks a lot.

Wikipedia says that this card is based on the same chip as in the GeForce 6800, so yes, you’ll need a newer video card. CUDA is only supported by GeForce 8 and later cards (and the equivalent Quadro products).

The Quadro FX 3450 is two generations behind a G80.

Thank you so much for clarification. I will be better off look for a new video card. I have a DELL precision work station 670, which seems not compatible with Telsa. I believe GeForce 8800GT shoudl work for this work station and CUDA should work. If this won’t work, please ring me a bell so that I do not waste too much time in setup hardware. Thanks again.