CUDA toolkit for legacy Quadro FX3800


I have inherited the above card, which appears on the “legacy” list of cards that support CUDA. If I try to install CUDA toolkit v9 it displays the warning “This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”. I have also tried v7.5 but that does the same. Am I missing something or do I need to try an even earlier version of the toolkit? I believe this card is 7 or 8 years old now.

The Quadro FX 3800, released in 2009, appears to be a device with compute capability 1.3, and that compute capability was last supported in CUDA 6.5 (about 3.5 years ago), if memory serves. I forget whether the CUDA 6.5 installation included a matching driver package. If not, you would have to find matching drivers (sorry, don’t know which version). Since CUDA is also tightly integrated with host compilers, you would have to find matching host compiler versions and operating system versions from the 2014 time frame.

Compute capability 1.x doesn’t support many modern CUDA features. If you are just starting out learning CUDA, it would probably be best to pick up a cheap modern GPU (e.g. GeForce GTX 1050) instead of trying to get outdated hardware and software to run in a modern environment. If you are a retro computing aficionado, have at it :-)

I came to the same conclusion that it was just too old. I’m a C# developer and have been looking at .Net libraries such as “Alea GPU” which would let me hit the ground running rather than having to learn C, but it requires a minimum CC of 2.0.

The GTX 1050 does seem to be a good compromise of price and performance, so I’ve just put an order in!