Most recent cuda version for a legacy card

I have a Quadro FX 880M. I recently updated the cuda driver, only to realize that 6.5 no longer supports my card. I found where I can download old cuda drivers. But I don’t see any listing of which cards each old cuda driver supports.

Clearly I can install them in order, checking if each seems to work (6.0 first, then 5.5, etc.) But when I install a new cuda driver, it seems to leave garbage scattered through my system directories, and it takes time to clean this up.

What’s the best way to find the most recent cuda driver that supports a given NVIDIA graphics card?


A GPU driver and the CUDA toolkit are two separate things.

CUDA 6.5 supports your card. cc 1.x GPUs are “deprecated” but as long as you don’t mind the warning (or suppress it with -w) your codes should compile and run just fine, as long as they adhere to the limits of the compute capability 1.2 GPU.

CUDA 7 will not support your GPU.

Whether on windows or linux, the driver that comes with the CUDA 6.5 toolkit installer should work with your GPU. On linux, the runfile installer method assures this. In my opinion, the repo method is more prone to error in this respect - maybe you got a CUDA 6.5 toolkit but an older driver if you used the repo method to install.

The easiest way to find the latest GPU driver for your gpu is at … drivers … all NVIDIA drivers and then follow the wizard steps. For example, for windows, the latest driver I found there was 341.21, and this driver will work just fine with CUDA 6.5 and your GPU.