The cuda driver can't find compatible device.

I am using GTX660, Win7, 64bit and CUDA 4.2.
Because the library I am using is CUDA 4.2 based, I tried to install CUDA 4.2 to the computer.
However, the driver can not be installed with a message “This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”.

Is your nvidia driver installed properly. The driver si missing or the cuda toolkit is not able to find the files.

The error message was occurred during the installation of the driver.

You can install the latest driver from It should be compatible with CUDA 4.2.

I think there is some confusion here. First of all on any operating system you have o install the hardware drivers. For the gpu you can get it here Take the last one in order to be sure your device is supported. After you installed this successfully you go to the cuda zone and download cuda toolkit for you system. Now there is a driver included in the toolkit. This is quite old and you should skip it.