Unable to install CUDA for 1080 on windows 8 64bit with error "not find compatible graphics


I’ve recently change the gpu with geforce gtx 1080.(My computer spec cpu 6700k) I have installed the gpu driver 368.81. However, I am running into problems when trying to install CUDA 8.0 on windows 8.1 64bit. The installer gives the below warning:

“This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You may continue installation, but you will not be able to run CUDA applications.”

Has anyone run into the same problem? Has anyone successfully installed
I’ve contacted NVIDIA support and tried disabling the integrated graphics card to no avail.

Many thanks!

This question comes up frequently. If you look at other questions like it on this forum, or even just read what the error message says right after the text you quoted, you will probably figure it out. Just install CUDA anyway, and keep your 368.81 driver. In other words, ignore the error message.