CUDA 8.0 RC installation problem

When I install CUDA 8.0 RC, the following error message shows,

“The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You may continue installation, but you may not be able to run CUDA application with this driver …”

I think I installed the gtx1080 drive OK

What do you think is the problem with my Windows 10 PC?


It’s expected. If you search around on this forum you’ll find many descriptions of this.

same issue with a gtx1060.
have you by any chance figured this out?

As txbob says, this message appears because the installer searches for ‘compatible graphics hardware’ that was released before the installation program was made. Thus, any newer video cards released recently will trigger that message, because they have not been hardcoded as ‘compatible hardware’ in NVIDIA’s installation binary.

Thus it is safe to ignore this message on any recent card, as it will be CUDA enabled. /thread

Further if you are still running a 8.0 CUDA RC (Release Candidate) you should update to the newest version to avoid any previous bugs/issues that have not been fixed in the RC version:

That makes sense, thank you for the reply!