CUDA 9.0 installation failed

I have the following setup:
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 with Max-Q design, 6GB
GPU driver version: 398.36
Windows 10 version 17134.472 Built

When I type nvidia-smi in the CMD I see the GPU with all the needed details. as I try to install CUDA the problem starts, the installation doesn’t recognize the hardware and warning is popped up.
When I try to install the newest drivers of NVIDIA I also get a warning.
Can someone help me please?

  1. Use a driver provided by your notebook manufacturer. If 398.36 is the latest provided, use that. It will work with CUDA 9.0

  2. Get the CUDA 9.0 installer for your operating system from

  3. Run the installer, while deselecting the option to install the driver. You may need to select advanced install options to be able to deselect the driver install. Warnings about unable to find supported hardware can be ignored.

Thank you for responding.
Should I download and install all the patches? or just the newest one?

You have to start with the base installer. A patch doesn’t provide the base installer functionality. After you have installed the base installer, install each of the patches.

I still didn’t manage to install the CUDA toolkit. I have uninstalled all the drivers were installed.
As I manually searched the appropriate drive at this link the suitable driver is 417.35. What should I do?

You don’t appear to be following the instructions I gave you.

I want to start from the beginning. what should I do know?