GTX 1050 Ti - CUDA compatibility problem

My system has
Graphics - GTX 1050 Ti
Driver version - 388.73
Visual studio 2017 and C++ tools as well

When i tried installing CUDA 9.0 its showing that my hardware is not capable.And I wont be able to run CUDA applications.

Kindly help me to find which CUDA version I have to install and CUDnn library associated with it. Thanks

You can use CUDA 9.0 if you want. Ignore that warning, deselect the option to install the driver bundled with the CUDA toolkit instalelr (so, keep your 388.73 driver) and install the rest of the CUDA toolkit.

Thanks txbob!!! Completed and triggered the GPU using tensorflow :)

Hi, is version 417.35 support to CUDA 10.1?
Coz i want to try tensorflow-gpu 2.0.0-alpha0

The minimum driver versions that support CUDA 10.1 are listed in table 1 in the CUDA release notes.

Hi, Robert_Crovella:
Thanks a lot, that’ll be useful.