GTX 1060 for cuda 9


I am using cuda GTX 1060 on windows 10.
Now I want to try the tensorflow with GPU support.
I checked the documentation on tensorflow and it’s been said they only support for cuda 9.0 or 8.0

But I found that I am using the driver 417.22, which only support for cuda 10(i tried more than once to download cuda 9 but fail to install).

It seems like the online driver search can only find the 4xx version, which i think all support the cuda 10 instead of 9.

So where can i find the right version of the driver and please give offer a link


You can use driver 417.22 with CUDA 9.0 or CUDA 8.0

Newer drivers are backwards-compatible with older toolkits.

But the cude 9 is always fail to install. I tried at least 4 times,
any help?

There’s not much I can do with “always fail to install”, except point you at the instructions:

There are many many topics on this forum dealing with problems getting CUDA installer to work on Windows. You can search for them.

Here is one:

If you follow the instructions in post #8 there, it should work.

Thx, this is what i need, seems like it’s VS’s problem